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Jan Brian, Oklahoma city 3/11/2018 11:46:55 PM
Soft Surroundings is opening new stores? I have purchased from your catalogs before and I love the styles and the quality available in your catalogs!! Both J Jill and Coldwater Creek have opened new stores in my area, but they are closing (I guess because of business). I would love to see a Soft Surroundings store in Oklahoma City or Tulsa Both of the above mentioned stores, though they carry larger sizes in their catalogs, did not carry them in their stores. If you spend any time at all here you will know that women in this part of the country are taller and bigger than women on the coastlines of the U.S. I would probably purchase even more of Soft Surroundings clothing if I could try them on before I purchase them. It is very difficult to purchase clothing here that isn't made of knit fabirc that hangs from the shoulders like a sack. I am 5' 8" tall and I wear larger sizes because my bustline is big. were it not for that I could wear about a size 14-16. Other than my bustline I am not huge. If someone would do some research , they would know that this is true. I do like my clothing to have a bit of style. A lot is not available here except by mail order. The women here don't mind paying more for style and quality if the fit is right!

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