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Directions to Mall

Located at Coors Blvd. and Coors Bypass

 Just few of the stores
at Cottonwood Mall: 

Eddie Bauer

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The Children's Place Outlet




Zales The Diamond Store Outlet

Bath & Body Works

Cottonwood Mall

10000 Coors Blvd Byp NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114


117 Stores
18 Restaurants

Cottonwood Mall Hours

Restaurant, department store,
and holiday hours may vary

Cottonwood Mall Stores Products/Services Phone /
3D Teeny Me
Located on the upper level next to JC Penney

66 Pin Ups
Lower Level next to Boba Tea Company

Accessories and More for Less

Shop Aeropostale online
Fashions for young men & women 505-899-8211
Upper Level next to Christopher & Banks
other locations

Clothing 818-673-7128
Located on the upper level near Dillard's

Air Force Recruiting Center
Military 505-833-5134
Lower Level Near Dillards

American Eagle Outfitters
Shop American Eagle online
Clothing 505-792-1214
Upper Level between Christopher & Banks and The Buckle
other locations

Animal Park & Ride
Located on the lower level next to the Children's Play Area

Auntie Anne's Pretzels Pretzels 505-792-1829
Upper level near T-Mobile and the elevator
other locations

Bath & Body Works
Shop Bath & Body Works online
Bath & skin care 505-792-8911
On the lower level across from Robert Wayne Footwear
other locations

Ben Bridge Jeweler
Jewelry 505-897-4113
Lower Level outside of JC Penney near Carousel
other locations

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse
Restaurant 505-545-6040
10000 Coors Blvd. NW Albuquerque NM 87114
other locations

Boba Tea Company
Tea 505-890-3841
Lower Level next to Victoria's Secret

Buckle Clothing, shoes, accessories for teens/twenties 505-890-9118
Upper Level between Sears and American Eagle
other locations

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Stuffed animals 505-792-2128
Lower Level next to Forever 21
other locations

Burger King Sandwiches / Burgers 505-792-2134
Food Court
other locations

Carousel Round About Co.
Entertainment 505-259-6885
Lower Level Next to Jc Penney's
other locations

Champs Sports
Shop Champs Sports online
Sporting Goods & Outdoors 505-922-8760
Upper Level between fye and T-Mobile Limited
other locations

China Wok
Chinese restaurant 505-440-7862
Food Court
other locations

Christopher & Banks Women's Clothing 505-792-5107
Upper Level near Sears
other locations

Restaurants 505-792-8316
Lower Level next to Fanzz
other locations

Claire's Accessories & Jewelry 505-792-9011
Near Sears
other locations

Claire's Accessories & Jewelry 505-898-3584
Next to As Seen On TV Plus
other locations

Conn's Home Plus
Furniture 505-890-4013
Lower Level in front of the Play Area.

Find them on the upper level near Old Navy.

Cosmic Closet
Located on the lower level next to Johnny Rockets.

Cottonwood Express
Upper level near food court

Cottonwood Mall Family Dental
Dental 505-242-4867
Located on the upper level near Fast Fix Jewelry Repair

Cottonwood Pain Care Center
Health care 505-415-3904
Located on the upperl level near Sears next to GNC

Crazy 8 Children's clothing 505-899-1784
Next to the Disney Store.
other locations

Cuco's Kitchen
Restaurant 505-897-6363
Food Court

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius Restaurants 505-890-5756
Upper Level between Sunglass Hut and Pacific Sunwear
other locations

Dallas Cowboys Pro-Shop
Sports team merchandise 505-554-3202
Upper Level next to Footaction USA
other locations

Diamond Wireless/ Verizon Wireless
Cellular 505-899-6051
Lower Level between Francesca's and Shoe Palace
other locations

Shop Dillard's online
Department Store 505-898-2530
East Side of the mall
other locations

Dream Land
Accessories 626-869-9186
On the upper level near Dillard's

ATM Located on the Upper Level near the Food Court and the Lower Level outside of JcPenny other locations

Eddie Bauer
Shop Eddie Bauer online
Clothing 505-890-4936
Lower Level next to Shiekh
other locations

Express Clothing 505-792-2805
Lower Level next to Bath and Body Works
other locations

Women's Clothing 505-898-8330
Located on the lower level next to Robert Wayne Footwear

Eyebrow Designer 21
Eyebrows 505-890-3303
Lower Level near Conn's
other locations

Factory Edge Clothing Co.
Clothing 505-200-2807
Located on the upper level across from Sears

Fallout Trampoline Arena
Entertainment 505-738-3915
Conveniently located at Cottonwood mall outside by Old Navy

Famous Footwear
Shop Famous Footwear online
Footwear 505-890-7544
Upper Level outside of Dillard's
other locations

Fanzz Sports team apparel 505-890-6912
Lower Level next to Sweet Cravings
other locations

Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repair
Jewelry repair 505-792-3292
Upper level near dental clinic
other locations

Finish Line
Athletic shoes & apparel 505-898-1919
Lower Level between The Disney Store and Shiekh
other locations

Fones Gone Wild
Cellular 505-890-0706
Upper level next to Sunglass Hut

Foot Locker
Shop Footlocker online
Athletic shoes & apparel 505-890-3630
Lower Level next to Build A Bear
other locations

Forever 21
Shop Forever 21 online
Trendy fashions & accessories 505-922-9071
Lower Level in between Spencer Gifts and Build-A-Bear Workshop
other locations

Francesca's Collections Women's apparel, jewelry, accessories 505-890-1880
Lower Level Center Court
other locations

Japanese restaurant 505-890-8210

fye - For Your Entertainment
Shop fye online
Electronics, Music 505-792-3380
Upper Level next to Champs
other locations

Shop GameStop online
Video/computer games 505-890-8530
Upper Level between Journeys Kidz and Sprint/Cellcom
other locations

General Nutrition Center
Shop GNC online
Nutrition & vitamins 505-890-3742
Upper level next to Cottonwood Pain Care
other locations

Glow Golf
Mini golf 505-899-0503
Lower Level near the Children's Play Area
other locations

Hat Zone
Hats 505-899-7372
Upper level near JCPenney

Hermit Crab

Hollister Co. Surf-inspired clothing 505-792-1815
Lower Level between Build-A-Bear Workshop and Foot Locker
other locations

Hot Dog On A Stick
Hot Dogs 505-890-8107
Food Court
other locations

Hot Topic
Music-related fashion & gifts 505-792-8931
Upper Level in front of Keva Juice
other locations

Icing by Claire's
Shop Icing online
Jewelry & accessories 505-897-1653
Upper Level near JCPenney
other locations

J&J Gifts
Gifts & Collectibles 505-899-1881
Lower level next to Stacy's Hallmark

Shop JCPenney online
Department Store 505-890-8727
Anchor Store on Northwest side Mall
other locations

JCPenney Portrait Studio
Photography / portraits 505-792-0224
Inside JCP
other locations

Johnny Rockets Diner 505-792-9800
Lower Level next to Regal Cinema.
other locations

Journey's Kidz Footwear for teens/twenties 505-897-1240
Located on upper level near JC Penneys
other locations

Journeys Footwear for teens/twenties 505-898-9101
Upper level between Things Remembered and Van's
other locations

Kay Jewelers Jewelry 505-792-4101
Upper level next to JC Penney
other locations

Keva Juice
Restaurant 505-433-2774
Upper level in the Food Court- Next to Villa Pizza

Kids Foot Locker
Shop Kids Foot Locker online
Kids' athletic shoes & apparel 505-899-0724
Upper level next to Things Remembered
other locations

Lady Foot Locker
Shop Lady Footlocker online
Women's athletic shoes & apparel 505-890-3801
Lower Level next to Victoria's Secret
other locations

Marine Recruiting Center
Military 505-899-3748
Lower level near Dillard's

MasterCuts Hairstyling 505-792-3300
Upper Level outside JcPenney
other locations

Maurices Women's apparel 505-898-5038
Upper level across from Buckle and Sears
other locations

Metro Barber School
Barber 505-792-4223
Lower Level by JCPenney

Metro Barber Shop
Barber 505-792-4818
Lower level next to Animal Park & Ride

Nail Pro
Nail salon 505-897-4111
Lower Level next to Regis Hairstylists

Navy Recruitment Office
Military 505-346-7747
Lower level near Dillard's

New Mexico Army National Guard Recruiting
Military 505-681-4811
Lower level near Dillards

Old Navy
Shop Old Navy online
Family apparel 505-890-1977
Upple Level near food court
other locations

PacSun Skate & surf clothing 505-890-0272
Upper Level between Orange Julius and American Eagle
other locations

Panda Break
Lower Level next to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Payless ShoeSource
Shop Payless Shoes online
Footwear 505-890-4722
Upper Level outside of Dillard's
other locations

Piercing Pagoda Earrings & ear piercing 505-792-0932
Lower Level Near Sears
other locations

Pop Sockets and Fidget Spinners
Phone supplies 505-897-7187
Located on the lower level in front of Foot Locker
other locations

Potato Corner
Restaurant 505-508-5649
in food court next to Sushi Roller
other locations

Proactiv ZoomShops
Shop ProActiv online
Skin care 800-718-8788
Near the Food Court
other locations

Rapture Body Jewelry
Jewelry 505-897-7187
Located on the lower level in front of Shoe Palace

Regal Cinemas
Theater 505-897-6858
Lower Level behind the escalators - Outside entrance as well
other locations

Regis Salons
Salon 505-792-3366
Lower Level between Ulta and Dillard's
other locations

River Ranch Designs
We are located on the lower next to Panda Break

Robert Wayne Footwear Footwear 505-899-3144
Lower level next to Zales
other locations

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolate 505-369-1775
Lower Level near the Children's Play Area
other locations

Rollin' Dash Ice Cream
Ice cream

Sandia Hearing Aids
Hearing 505-898-8155
Located on the lower level near Dillard's

Sear's Auto Express
Automotive 505-792-4045
Next to Cottonwood Mall.
other locations

Shop Sears online
Department Store 505-922-7200
Located on the eastern side of the Mall between the Movie Theater and Dillard's.
other locations

Sephora Inside jcpenney
Shop Sephora online
Beauty 505-890-8727
Upper Level Inside JCPenney
other locations

Shi by Journeys
Women's footwear and accessories 505-898-2161
Upper level across from the Food Court
other locations

Shiekh Shoes
Footwear 505-898-4900
Lower Level between Eddie Bauer and Finish Line
other locations

Footwear 505-898-3266
Lower Level near Bath & Body Works
other locations

Shoe Palace
Footwear 505-898-9445
Lower Level. In between Francesca's and Crazy 8
other locations

SKin Care & Cosmetics Eisakov Inc.
Cosmetics / skin care 520-437-1121
Find them on the lower level in front of Forever 21.
other locations

Spencer Gifts Gifts & novelty items 505-897-3847
Lower Level between Dillard's and Forever 21
other locations

Spirit Halloween
Halloween costumes & merchandise 505-899-8060
Located on north side of the mall
other locations

Sports team merchandise other locations

Sprint by BrightStar Wireless Cellular 505-897-7006
Upper Level between GameStop and Vitamin World
other locations

Spyder Jump
Lower Level Sears court

Stacy's Hallmark
Cards & Gifts 505-897-4602
Lower Level next to Glow Golf
other locations

Strictly Skinz & Repairz
Skin care 505-792-4433
We are located on the upper level near the Food Court in a kiosk

Subway Sandwiches 505-897-4200
Food Court
other locations

Sunglass Hut
Shop Sunglass Hut online
Sunglasses 505-898-8970
Upper Level between Fones Gone Wild and Orange Julius
other locations

Sushi restaurant 505-890-4101
Food Court

Sweet Cravings
Desserts 505-890-1150
Lower Level near Sears

T-Mobile Limited Cell phones 505-792-3737
Upper Level next to Auntie Anne's
other locations

The Children's Place
Children's/Infant Clothing 505-897-3325
Upper Level next to PacSun
other locations

The Disney Store
Shop Disney Store online
Disney products 505-792-9100
Lower Level between Sears and Crazy8
other locations

The Jerky Guy
Jerky 505-908-8582
Located on the upper level in front of Potato Corner

Things Remembered Engraved gifts 505-890-8710
Upper level between Kids Foot Locker and Journeys
other locations

Womens plus size clothing 505-899-1555
Lower Level JCPenney Court
other locations

Totally Knockout Vapor
Tobacco products 505-453-4201
Upper Level kiosk near Old Navy

U.S. Army Recruitment Office
Military 505-994-3103
Lower Level Near Dillards

Cosmetics / skin care 505-792-0834
Lower Level next to Main Entrance door
other locations

Vans Footwear 505-890-1182
Upper level near Food Court
other locations

Verizon Authorized Retailer, TTC Cellular 505-433-4584
Located on the upper level between Hot Topic and Hat Zone
other locations

Victoria's Secret
Shop Victoria's Secret online
Women's lingerie & swimwear 505-897-6500
Lower Level near Elevator and Center Court
other locations

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Pizza / Italian Food 505-792-9995
Food Court
other locations

Optical 505-897-2020
Upper Level in front of Claire's
other locations

Vitamin World Vitamins & nutrition 505-899-3294
Upper level near JCPenney
other locations

Watermelon Mountain Ranch
Located on the upper level near Dillard's

We Know Video Games
Games 505-900-3488
On the lower level across from Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Yankee Candle
Shop Yankee Candle online
Candles, home decor 505-922-9266
Located on the upper level across from the elevator
other locations

Zales Jewelers Fine jewelry 505-897-0500
Lower Level outside of JCPenney near the Carousel
other locations

Shop Zumiez online
Boardsports 505-890-4034
Upper Level next to Yankee Candle
other locations

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