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Anonymous 11/16/2017 10:48:36 AM
C & B hires unprofessional and nasty employees. I get a lot of coupons from the company and uses in the store but they treat me like a thief. None of the employees ever smile or greet to the customers, they must hate their job. Will not recommend to shop at that store to anyone. In addition, the online and phone customer service are not help as well. When you call or try to chat online they usually do not know what they are talking about and you have to wait for few minutes so they can ask whoever to find the answers for you. A lot of time the answer changes so I have no idea who is telling me the truth. Terrible company!
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STL , St. Louis 10/30/2017 8:25:26 PM
C and B must have a new designers on board because the clothes are ugly, style-less bags now. I like the C and B peplum jackets that actually were flattering to wear but now everything looks like a dreary bag. The "holiday" colors are beige and more beige this year...yawn. Whatever happened to the neat one of a kind sweaters that C & B used to have at christmas time - I am not talking about the ones with giant penguins on them...these were classy looking. I used to treat C & B like a cheaper Talbots - but there is no comparison anymore. Talbots kills them.
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Anonymous 8/29/2017 3:22:48 PM
I loved shopping at Christopher and Banks at the Streets of Tannesbourne in Portland, OR. All of a sudden it closed. I have tried to order things online but sizes differ depending on the style. Please come back!!!
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Anonymous 8/25/2017 5:24:58 PM
You had a great store going in Las Cruces, NM at one time, then added another, and then there was one combined store with fewer choices, next thing I knew you were gone all together. I loved shopping at your store and the good quality of clothing I bought there. Miss it, nothing else in town to compare to, I shop online but it is much more difficult. Wish you would come back.
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Daphne, Austin, TX 4/5/2017 8:13:20 PM
Abilene is definitely not in Central Texas. I was shocked to see that in your list of locations in Texas.
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Ptricia Smith, Kernersville N.C. 27284 1/15/2017 2:39:39 PM
Just went to Hanes with Christmas gift cards and found store closed...why no warning..what is the nearest store to me in middle N. c. DON"t like shopping on line I want to try on ,many times I have ordered other sizes at store,but ordering on line means having to pay postage to send back.Loyal customer.And the Friendly Shopping center closed also.Very disappointed in you decision to close, where is another store near me?????????
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M. Campbell, Cincinnati, Anderson Township 1/7/2017 3:08:17 PM
What happened to the Eastgate Mall store? We went there last week and NO C&B store, empty space!!! I feel robbed. Do NOT like to shop online for clothes! Really ticked off!
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Elsie Smith, Galax, VA 12/31/2016 12:39:52 PM
Why? Why close a vibrant store in Winston Salem NC. C&B is one of the principle reasons I shop in Winston Salem. Now Where do I go to get the quality I have come to respect and expect from C&B?
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Mary B., Wauseon, Ohio 12/24/2016 5:27:06 PM
I was disappointed when Christopher and Banks closed their stores in Defiance, Ohio and Adrian, Michigan. They were both about one-half hour from our home. Also, there is no C & B store in the Toledo area. What gives? I always thought the stores seemed busy. I started shopping there when some teacher friends said they bought most of their clothes there. The clothes were stylish and wore well. Guess you have lost another customer!
>>> Anonymous, West Chester, Ohio 11/20/2016 4:13:27 PM
Christopher & Banks was my favorite store before the one in Mason closed, and I was one of its best customers. I always loved the clothes I bought there! I was told the Mason store was among those with the highest sales; it doesn't make sense that they haven't opened a new one nearby since they have customer support. I don't like buying online because things don't always fit - yes, there's variance even within the C&B brand. I've tried the outlet store in Monroe (because I had to return items I bought online), but the jeans at the outlet are marked "Made for the outlet" and are not the same as the jeans I used to buy in the C&B stores. I'm really sad to lose Christopher & Banks.
>>> Anonymous, West Chester, Ohio 11/21/2016 1:41:27 AM
I understand about the 10-year lease. But why haven't they opened nearby in Liberty Center, Union Center, or Streets of West Chester?

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